One Room Challenge: Week 1 (The Space)

I am so excited to be taking part in the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge. I signed up to be a guest participant a couple of months ago, so I have been anxiously awaiting this day for a while now! Wondering what the One Room Challenge is? I’ll explain:

The One Room Challenge is a bi-annually event that provides participants with a supportive, enthusiastic forum in which to share the process of transforming a room. The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. Better Homes and Gardens is the media partner for the event, and while there are 20 Featured Design Influencers for the event, any and everyone with an Instagram and/or Blog are welcome to join in on the fun. The challenge lasts for 8 weeks, with all featured designers giving updates on their rooms on Wednesday and Guest Participants such as myself giving updates every Thursday. Let’s get to my space now!

The Room

If you are already following along with my journey on Instagram you know that I am currently living in a new build home with my husband and 3 kids. Little by little we are tackling projects that are changing this from a house into a home that reflects who we are and what we value. One thing that we value more than almost anything else is quality time together as a family.

When we purchased this home, our intention originally was to finish the small basement area under our foyer and make it a playroom for the kids. Well, other things took up our time and we never got around to finishing that space in the 3 years we’ve been here. The playroom was made upstairs and the little 9×7 area in the basement stayed unfinished all this time. This summer it finally got electrical run and drywall installed, so I was left with a decision. Do I make it the playroom now, or would it be better served for another purpose? Well, we came to the decision that the kids probably won’t go downstairs by themselves all that much, so best to leave the playroom where it already is.

While we were deciding what to do with this space, my parents moved out of my childhood home and downsized. We took a small black leather loveseat from them that they weren’t taking to their new home, and it sparked the direction that we would go in for the tiny room. It fit perfectly in the space, and we ran with a design from there.

Which brings us back to what I was saying before, we love spending time all together as a family. And our most favourite thing to do is get all cozy and watch movies. And so, this tiny space in the basement is becoming…

A Teeny Tiny Theatre/Media Room!

Can you believe it? Our cozy little 9×7 space is going to be transformed into the cutest theatre room you ever did see! There will be a large smart tv (to reduce the amount of electronics and devices, therefore requiring less shelving). Other than our Playstation, there will be no devices that need storing. Just outside the room is a tiny hallway that I plan to also turn into a cozy little space for the kids to hang or play when they lose interest in the movie we’re watching!

I have big plans for this small space. But first, let me show you the before photos.

It really is just a blank space, with so much possibility. Beyond that opening is the rest of the unfinished basement. There will be a door placed there for safety and added coziness.

The Mood Board

My plan is for the style and vibe of this space to be minimalistic, but super cozy and a bit industrial. There are so many small touches I hope to include in the room that it wouldn’t all fit on the mood board!

Mood board with features for a new design

Mood Board for the Fall 2021 ORC – Teeny Tiny Theatre Room

As you can see, it’s a dark moody space, and I can’t wait to get started!

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