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Weekday mornings can be pretty hectic. Trying to get my oldest (who moves at the speed of a sloth) to get ready can sometimes be rage inducing. Joking. But not really. When we started a new school year a few weeks ago after doing virtual school for the last 1.5 years I knew I wasn’t willing to start the process again of getting aggravated every morning. You see, when she was in virtual school it was just a matter of getting out of bed, brushing her teeth and having breakfast. No, I didn’t make her get dressed for the day for virtual school. I let her stay in her pyjamas if she wanted and most days she did. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable at home, right?!

So, the night before her first day of grade 2 I had her pick out her clothes for the next 2 days. I knew she’d be exhausted after her first day and probably would just crash early, leaving no time to pick her clothes for the next day. She chose her outfits, got her socks and face masks ready too….and stacked everything on her nightstand. Argh. I didn’t love this either. I knew that things would end up falling over, getting lost under the bed or nightstand, and resulting in MORE laundry for me to do. So my brain started dreaming up a way to add something functional yet pretty to her room so she’d have somewhere to lay out her clothes for the next day or two.

I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t want any solution that required the clothes to be out if the closet, hanging around. It felt like that would just be extra clutter in the room. That’s when I decided to come up with a solution for INSIDE her closet. I have about 4 inches of space between the inside of her closet door and the ends of her clothes hangers when the door is shut, so I got to work researching what I could put on the inside of the door. (Side note…I knew my husband wouldn’t be thrilled, he doesn’t love making holes in doors. But I knew he’d love the final result and that it would be something she could use forever!)

While scouring the internet, I had a few criteria in mind:

  • Ideally she’ll be able to take her tops still on their hangers and hang them onto the organizer.
  • Something that the pants can fold over or hang off of
  • Extra storage for loose items like socks, masks and accessories.
  • Flow with the colour scheme of her room (White, Gold, Pink, and suuuuuper light grey)

Of course one of the first places I checked is Ikea, and I happily found exactly what I had in mind. Unfortunately, it only came in black and VERY gold. Not the brassy gold I was looking for. However, the accessory hooks DID come in the exact Gold I was looking for. I decided I could easily DIY the black rod to work in her room with some white spray paint I already had on hand.

I got 2 rods, 1 five pack of gold hooks, and 1 white bucket with gold accents and headed home. Wait, not home yet. Stopped at the hardware store because I didn’t have the right size screws to mount the rods on the closet door. Ok. 1 ten pack of 3/4 inch number 8 wood screws and now we‘re headed home.

Changing the black rods into white ones was a super easy diy. The Rustoleum spray paint covers like a dream.

I also spray painted the screws white. Tip: When spray painting screws, push them into a scrap piece of wood so they are standing up. You’ll get much more even coverage with the paint this way.

Once the paint had fully dried, I installed the rods onto the inside of the closet door. The upper one is at the same height as the top rod in her closet, and the bottom one is slightly higher to avoid the door handle. I centred them, placed one screw in, and used my level to make sure it was straight before placing a screw on the opposite side. I repeated for the bottom rod and put a screw in each hole on the brackets (8 total betwen 2 rods).

And that’s it! I hung up the hooks and the accessories bucket, tidied her closet for a photo, and revealed it to my daughter. She is THRILLED! She immediately noticed that it matched her comforter and started filling it up with her outfit and accessories for Monday morning! Mom win!!

Here are the links for everything I used for this Ikea Closet Organizer Hack, as well as links to the rods I used inside her closet. Wall paint colour is Greyish by Sico in Flat (I used Sico Pure Paint).

23.5 inch Rod (x2) – IKEA

5 Pack Gold Hooks – IKEA

Gold and White Container – IKEA

Rustoleum Flat White Spray Paint – AMAZON

10 Pack 3/4″ Number 8 Wood Screws – Home Hardware

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