Online vs. At Home – Deck Edition

We’ve all been there. You buy something online, excited for it to arrive so you can display it proudly at home, and it arrived and looks NOTHING like what you thought you ordered. The finish is dull or uninspiring or the size is way different than expected. Well, here’s a few tips to help reduce the risk of such disappointment.

  • Always zoom in on the photo. Sometimes, you gotta get close to find out the truth!
  • Read the reviews. True, more people who are dissatisfied than happy are going to leave a review. But its not just happy/unhappy that you’re looking for. The key is to read through and see if there’s a common thread amongst the reviews. Is every person saying that the item that is advertised as green is actually blue? That’s something to pay attention to. Are people complaining that it was smaller than it looked in the photos? Well, that’s not too concerning. Why? Check the next tip…
  • Read the description carefully!! So many people order something without reading the description and importantly, the dimensions of a product. Photography can be a major illusion and some companies will unfortunately use that to their advantage to make a mini product look bigger than it is (usually to justify a high price tag). It’s up to you to read the dimensions listed and measure your space to ensure it’s going to work for your needs.
  • Look through all the photos and (if applicable) video demo of the product. Often times the first photo is just of the product on a white backdrop. To get a better sense of what it will really look like it helps to look at all the photos. More often than not, the website will have photos of the product being used in rooms or on spaces that it’s intended for.
  • If browsing the web on your phone or tablet, zoom in so the product takes up your whole screen and hold it up in the room. It won’t be 100% accurate but will give you a better idea if the colour/texture/style actually works in your space.

By applying all the tips above, you’re sure to be met with less surprises when opening up the packages you have been anxiously awaiting!

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