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My Favourite Christmas Ribbon, Rope and Twine for Decorating and Gift Wrapping

This article contains some affiliate links.

Every year, I end up buying red and white striped twine or ribbon. I don’t go out seeking it, yet it somehow always catches my eye and excites me, as though I don’t use it in some way every year.

I use it for everything...

  • tying the garland to my staircase (trust is so much better than wrapping it through the spindles. I used to wrap it through and ended up scratching the wood all over)

  • hanging wreaths

  • gift wrapping

  • attaching name tags to gifts

  • hanging homemade ornaments

  • etc etc etc

This year, I found my twine at HomeSense Canada, so I can’t link it here. But I did round up some past faves and new ones I found while searching for other items online this year. Click on the photo to take you to the product.

As always, be sure to check out my Instagram Page @olidesignhouse for more affordable diy and decor!

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