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Gift Guide 2021: Baby 0-18 months

0-18 months baby Gift Guide - Over $50

Gifts Over $50

  1. 2-in-1 Sit-to-stand Activity Center - We bought this when we had our second baby to replace one of those huge exersaucers that takes up half the room. We’re now using it for our third and still love it so much. Bonus Points...when baby is too big to stand/sit inside it, you can switch the centre section to a car ramp (included) for many more years of fun!

  2. Baby Balance Bikes Bicycle Baby Walker - This is on our wish list for our 9 month old this year. It not only helps babies learn to stand and walk, but can be used indoors and outdoors, meaning he can ride right alongside his big brother and sister once the nice weather is back!

  3. The Play Gym - We have a different one that is now discontinued, but if I were buying one again this would be it.

Baby Gift Guide - Under $50

Gifts Under $50

  1. Silicone Training Cup with Straw - This will be under the tree at our house this year. I love that it’s a small, perfect size for little hands to hold on to while learning how to drink from a straw cup. Come in several colours. Sign up for emails from Buy Buy Baby and receive a 20% off coupon.

  2. 8 Piece Rainboz Pop It Set - Pop It’s are all the rage with kids right now and I love them for baby too. They’re soft silicone making them safe and most importantly...easy to clean!

  3. Classic Wooden Sorting Cube - We have had one of these for years and all 3 kids still enjoy using it.

  4. Baby Animals Touch Book - A great sensory and learning tool, baby can touch all the different textures!

  5. Building Blocks - Open ended toys like building blocks are my favourite kind of toys and these are the perfect introduction for little hands.

  6. Tummy Time Water Mat - It’s great to help baby stay on their tummy longer. For me though...anything that entertains baby in a safe spot for a few minutes so I can cook or use the bathroom is a win!

  7. Tummy Time/Car Seat Mirror and Contrast Toy - Babies love looking at themselves in a mirror!

  8. Coverall Bib - Makes meals so much easier to clean up after and way less laundry! Definitely on our list this year.

  9. Silicone Bib - Easy to clean and actually catches the food with the open pouch.

  10. Soft Building Blocks - Love this introductory, soft form of building blocks for the younger babies!

  11. Large Stuffy with Tummy Carrier and Mini Stuffies - I foresee hours of fun taking the stuffies in and out of the larger carrier! The shark is no longer available so I’ve linked the Dinosaur one for you!

  12. Soft Blanket - I’m a believer than you can never have too many blankets! This one is great because it is soft and a great size so there’s room for baby to grow into it and use it for years to come. Available in several designs, we’ll have the Dino, pink, and Arctic animal varieties under our tree this year!

  13. Dino Rug - Available in other designs as well and on sale right now for 50% off!

  14. Classic Toy Set - A combo kit with the classic stacking rings in rainbow colours and a shape sorter. We’ve had ours for 7 years and they’re still going strong!

0-18 month Baby Gift Guide - Clothing

Gifts - Clothing

  1. Burt’s Bees Onsie - Super Soft Cotton Onsie. They run a bit small, so I’d suggest sizing up if in between sizes.

  2. Footless Sleeper Set - Not only great for keeping baby from overheating while sleeping, these footless sleepers are great cozy outfits to wear about the house during the day, especially while baby is learning to stand and walk and can use the extra traction from their bare feet.

  3. Newborn Baby Sleeper Gown - Super soft 100% cotton, with build in mits and a convenient tie bottom for nighttime diaper changes

  4. Winter Footless Sleeper - I’m a sucker for any pjs that are winter or Christmas themed!

  5. Hooded Unicorn Towel - A kid sized hooded towel that will keep your baby super cozy after bath time and grow with them through the years.

  6. 3 Piece pj set - we had this set when my girl was small and it lasted through many many washes without fading or bleeding red onto other items in the wash.

  7. Dinosaur Hooded Towel - We got this for my oldest son last year and it is truly the best towel we have. It’s thick, soft, absorbent, and actually wraps all the way around!

  8. Princess Pj Set - I may have purchased a few sets of these for friends and family this year! Use coupon code GOSHOP for 40% off, plus code TREAT for an additional 10% off your order, now through November 22.

  9. White Undershirt Set - I’ve been using this brand of undershirt for my third baby and love them so much. They’re so soft and wash really well.

  10. Set of Beanies - Available in size 0-36 months and made of soft cotton

  11. Stroller Blanket - Do I have a lot of blankets? Yes, I do. Will I keep getting more? Yes, I will! Blankets are always a great gift especially when they’re this pretty and cozy.

  12. Winter Train Pjs - A set of these will be under the tree for each of my boys this year. Use coupon code GOSHOP for 40% off, plus code TREAT for an additional 10% off your order, now through November 22.

0-18 months Baby Gift Guide - Stocking Stuffers

Baby Gifts - Stocking Stuffers

  1. 6 Pack of Socks - We have these and love them!

  2. Puff Snacks - my baby’s have all loved these and are a great addition to their stockings!

  3. 3 Pack Pop Its - Easy to clean, soft and safe for baby. The older kids love these as well, so I grab a 3 pack and put one in each of their stockings.

  4. Hungry Caterpillar Book - A classic that every baby will love!

  5. Car seat Sloth Toy - I’m all done my shopping but might add this in because it’s so cute!

  6. Bath Boppers - Bath time fun!

  7. Pacifier Clips - Not only great for keeping pacifiers close by and clean, but I love using these for testers as well.

  8. Pacifier Stuffy - Give baby the gift of a pacifier that stays put when they’re sleeping! We have this exact elephant and love that it’s matching washable and can attach to any type of pacifier.

  9. Touque/Beanie with detachable Poof - A beautiful hat with a detachable poof in sizes from 3 months to 8 years.

  10. Mess Free Snack Containers - Comes in a variety of colours

  11. Infant to Toddler Mouth Care Set

  12. Washcloth Set

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