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Fall ‘22 One Room Challenge - Boy’s Bedroom - Week 1

Here we go again! The One Room Challenge is upon us and I am happily jumping in again...even though I'm still not done the space I started for the Spring One Room Challenge.

That's ok. I truly believe that home takes time. And so do large renovation projects with 3 kids in tow. One of which is 1.5 years old but climbs and runs and throws like he's 5.

The truth is, this past spring I started a full time job for the first time since starting our family 8 years ago. I naively thought I could handle a big renovation, a new full time job, 3 kids, and my OCD/Anxiety all together and still get that project done in 8 weeks. Let's be real though...the biggest hurdle there is the mental health issues. If I didn't feel compelled to shower after handling my tools, I probably could've gotten much further in a shorter period of time. But that was then...and this is now!

I've taken steps over the last several months that have brought me to the healthiest mental health place that I've been in for the last 9 years. I can, in fact, pick up my drill and work for 30 minutes on a project, then just wash my hands and get back to daily life. I'll dive deeper into all of that in another post. But I'm feeling more like myself everyday, and feel totally ready for this new project...especially because it's for one of my very favourite humans on the planet!!

Let's get to this season's room, shall we? My middle son, who is 4, asked me to make him a big boy room towards the end of summer break. He was on the brink of starting Junior Kindergarten and wants his own space. Cue the heart tugging. My little guy, who still snuggles me while he falls asleep every night, wants a room to call his own. And this mommy is more than happy to oblige.

Design Breakdown

Mommy's Design Thoughts:

  • Dinosaur wall mural (he is a major Dino buff)

  • Reading corner

  • House shaped headboard

  • Earthy toned greens and greys

  • Use existing bedding

  • Barn door

4 Year Old M's Desigb Thoughts:

  • Everything blue! (Walls,bed,decor,EVERYTHING!)

  • Tree house

  • Car tracks

  • Place for his stuffies

  • Space for his 'Sopa' (sofa...there's a large chair in the nursery right now that he loves and wants to keep in his room)

While I want to give him everything he wants...I just can't do an all blue room. I will incorporate everything he wants though, so I put my head down and came up with this mood board:

It's not all blue...and you can't see the car track idea I have on the board, but I promise it'll be everything he wants! That outer space area rug from Ruggables gave me the inspiration to paint the under side of his tree house with a Dino space theme, and incorporate those rich oranges and greens throughout his room.

The treehouse will not be going over his bed, something about that just makes me uncomfortable, but it will be beside his bed with the coolest little chill out area underneath it. Maybe it's the thought of me banging my head on the underside of the treehouse while getting in and out of his bed that is unappealing too me, who knows?!

Project List

Here is a general outline of the projects planned for this room:

  • Build a blue treehouse with slatted walls (so he's safe, but I can see inside no matter where I stand)

  • Roman Clay effect on wall(s)

  • Freehand Dino mural

  • Floating books

  • Car track from treehouse to cozy area underneath

  • DIY wireless pendant with dollar store supplies

  • Build house shaped headboard

  • Paint planets under treehouse

  • Build/create modern stuffie storage

  • Build barn door to create more usable space


I really don't have a large budget for this project. The fireplace project that is still ongoing blew its budget and has had a ripple effect on all other renovation plans we had in place. Most of this bedroom project will be done with paint, a lot of which I have leftover from other areas. I'm hoping to spend less than $300 on this whole room...but we'll see if lumber prices cooperate. Am I crazy? I think I might be.

That's all I have for this week! Make sure you subscribe and follow along on Instagram and tiktok so you don't miss out on any of the daily behind the scenes fun of turning this vision into a reality. And check out all of the other participants at the One Room Challenge website here.

Until next time,


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