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Amazon Prime Flash Sale - October 19

I don't know about you, but I like to get my Christmas Shopping done early. The thought of rushing into busy stores and fighting my way to the cash sounds like a nightmare. But most importantly, I like to curate the gifts that I give to others. Take my time finding just the right combination of things that is meaningful to the person receiving it. Also, it gives me the opportunity to get almost everything on sale in the months leading up to the holidays.

This year, there's a major shortage of products, especially for the home. Take advantage of the sales below, and let me know in the comments if there's anything specific you are wanting to buy as a gift for someone else or yourself and I will source it out and find the best deals for you in the upcoming weeks!

We have had our eyes on a robot vacuum for quite some time. The ability to go to bed and have a robot clean up the crumbs from the day sounds very luxurious!

I got a similar mini fridge like this to keep in our Theatre Room so we have a cold drink ready when we're snacking through our movie nights!

I could definitely use a set of these and have added them to my cart!

Are your kids obsessed with pop-it Fidget toys as well? Take it to the next level and pop one of these into their stocking so the whole family can enjoy it together.

The infamous platform bed. Grabbing this for my daughter's room and I am planning to DIY a headboard to go with it!

Amazing price on this beautiful TV. We are a Sumsung TV household and love the quality and life span of these tvs.

Amazon will be doing flash sales between now and the end of November. Check back here weekly on Tuesday mornings to see what I have rounded up for you!!

Also, check out my Instagram Page for more deals and update, DIY and Design Tips, and easy family friendly crafts.

Until next time,


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